Last News:April 29, 2011. Release Patch 1.2.2
Yak-40 Model for X-Plane by Felis Team

About the Plane

The Yak40 is the first soviet short range jet airliner and the first civil aircraft from Yakovlev design bureau. Because of its small size and black smoke from its engines it was called "cigarette butt"", and for its great fuel consumption - "fuel fighter". But anyway this airplane shows itself as simple thing to fly and maintenance and reliable in flight. She could takeoff when one of her engines fails and continue to fly even after two of her three engines failed.

The Yak40 finally replaces the Il12 and Il14 in regional lines, which were completely outdated it that time, and make a great competitor to the turboprop An24. Passengers love the Yak40 for its comfort. Pilots and engineers for its simple use and maintenance. The Yak40 and An24 are still in use on many regional lines in countries of ex USSR and neighbor.

The model is equipped with:

  • Full complex of navigation system, including automatic directional finder ARK9
  • Nav complex CourseMP
  • Directional system GMK1 and MK8
  • Meteolocator "Kontur" and TCAS
  • Fire extinguisher system
  • Pressurization and air conditioning systems
  • Fuel system with fuel buster pumps, cross and flow valves
  • Hydraulic system, which feeds the flaps, stab landing gears and brakes

Yak40 is the first soviet airplane, designed to be controlled by two pilots and one engineer. But really it could be flown by only two.

As all our model, this one also have fully functional virtual cockpit and exterior, correct dynamics and systems

All systems and most calculations made by plugin, which starts automatically, as plane being opened.

This product requires Windows XP or higher, Linux or MacOSX 10.5 or higher

Our Screenshots of Yak-40 Model in X-Plane 9 Simulator

Yak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_404.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_382.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_411.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_383.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_431.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_379.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_420.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_385.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_413.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_402.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_403.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_371.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_418.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_391.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_414.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_389.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_384.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_397.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_407.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_399.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_419.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_412.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_410.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_426.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_422.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_429.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_424.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_401.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_409.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_421.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_377.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_417.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_423.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_386.jpgYak-40 Screens ::: screenshot_381.jpg

Yak-40 Felis Movie - Model overview

Yak-40 Skyteacher Movie #1

Start of Yak-40

Yak-40 Model for X-Plane
was released on March 21, 2011

The first sales started at the famous to all portal After a while we started selling on the portal and many other, lesser-known sites.

Price of the model, we decided to install the same everywhere, but still possible small differences due to the conditions of sites or currency exchange

If you want to offer your platform for sales, please contact us via the feedback form

Liveries for Yak-40 Model

Aeroflot (Before 1973 year)
Aeroflot (1973-1980 years)
AK Bars Aero
Factory Livery

You can choose and download any livery for free. Click on image for download.
For Install choosed livery, You must unzip archive into "liveries" directory of a model.

Patches for Yak-40 Model

Changelog for versions 1.2.0-1.2.2

  • new flight dynamics.
  • engines tuned
  • autopilot tuned. now more precise with altitude hold
  • added new modes for nav system
  • added new option for brakes
  • added new option for nav system
  • changed logic for reverse switcher. now it have three positions
  • new startup logic. now engine's covers may cause a fire
  • now full mode of de-frost system causes a little loss of engine's power
  • new version of SASL plugin added
  • new sounds for marker beacons
  • new default position of ADF selectors. now left ADF switched to outer, right - to inner beacon
  • new manuals with all new features in it
In patch 1.2.1:
  • minor fixes in codes
  • fixed rudder pedals settings
  • some tunes for autopilot and dynamics
In patch 1.2.2:
  • fixed logic of flaps sound
  • new logic of de-frost system (more realistic)
  • fixed autopilot
  • command for nosewheel reversed to sim/flight_controls/nwheel_steer_toggle

Download Yak-40 Patch ver.1.2.2 (April 29, 2011)
Patch includes all previous versions. Size: 22,9 Mb

Miscellaneous for Yak-40 Model


This archive include a four *.PSD (Photoshop) texture files: fuselage, engine, wings and gears - for paint your favourite Liverie for Yak-40 Model. If you want to upload your livery to our site, please contact us via "Feedback form" in Contact Us section.

Download Paint-kit for Yak-40 Model


Bring to your attention manual about Our Model of Yak-40

Russian manual for Yak-40 Model
English manual for Yak-40 Model

All form fields are required.

Authors and Helpers

I would like to introduce you all, who worked in this project and helps it a lot:

  • Andrey Felis - Project leader, 3D modeling, programmer
  • Sergey Microfone - 2D designer, textures, this site and additional graphical works
  • Pavel Skyteacher - Aerodynamics specialist

We want to give our special thanx to developers of free Yak40 for MSFS for they sounds tracks, Anatoliy Boev for exclusive photos of two real planes and Valeriy Pallmall for a lot of technical photos and informations.

Contact Us via Feedback Form

You can contact us through our feedback form. We will reply to you if the issue or topic will deal with our model of the Yak-40. On other issues we can not guarantee the response.

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